Without the existence of God each person can do what is right in their own eyes. It would not matter if you lived a good life or a bad life because in the end of life each person would be equally dead, and there would be no God to give an account to or divine judgment when one dies. With this in mind, it brings us to a place where there are in fact no moral obligations in life to follow; considering that all morals, empathy, and even love would be nothing of what we ought to do, and in fact we would not know any better. For an atheist to be under any kind of moral obligations, empathy, or love would truly mean that they are following imaginary duties in life. With this in mind, if God does not exist, then at one time in history someone imagined and fabricated morals, empathy, and love. Therefore, they are all manmade imaginary duties in life that with the absence of God/Lawgiver of all morals, empathy, and love there is no human obligation to any of these actions at all. Thus, this would mean all moral obligations in life have been manmade and these things we practice have no more meaning behind them than a manmade soda can.