A Christian asked an atheist this question?
"Did God make man or did man make God." The atheist replied, “Man made God.” The Christian said, “Well, if we are smart enough to make God, then who was intelligent enough to make us?"

The atheist said, “God is just myth.”
The Christian replied, “If God is myth and does not exist then there is no need to be an atheist. For what does not actually exist in reality can be completely ignored, and therefore atheism would have no need to exist if there is no God." 

Then the atheist said, “God’s existence is not even conceivable.” The Christian replied, “If God’s existence is not conceivable then man did not make God…God made man.”
Another Christian asked an atheist,
"Do you believe in God?" The atheist said,
“I do not believe in God because I cannot see God.” So the Christian told the atheist, “Blind people cannot see God either but there are blind people who believe.” The atheist said, “No one can prove that God exists through science."

The Christian replied, “If science can prove God’s existence, then that would mean you could fit God into a scientific box, and that would imply that God could be proven from a manmade effort in science and God would be no greater than the scientific method." Then the atheist said, "I never thought about it this way, thanks for telling me this." 

Each person believes in something, even if that belief is nothing. Yes, some people believe in nothing, and others believe in evolution. 
However, what makes us so unique is that we are wired for belief, and no one can exist without having one. Now take for an example an atheist will say "I do not believe in God." What this atheist just said is, "I believe God does not exist." In other words, for an atheist, they are using the same principle of faith to believe in God but it is just reversed. This would imply that each atheist will use faith, they are believers in that God does not ​exist.

  There are intellectual barriers that prevent most atheists to accept God. The problem is not the faith, for they are all believers. It is the negative outlook on there being a God that does not suit them for their sinful lifestyle. If sin is kept in the inside, God will be kept on the outside.
Does God exist? You can watch the Atheist Delusion online for free at the end of trailer.